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Heather Stone

I have always been fascinated with women’s personal stories and their pathways to success. Real, life changing success. From an early age, I sought out biographies of the male role models, read their stories and admired their achievements, but seeking out the same type of stories for female role models proved to be a bit more challenging. I wondered why women had not achieved similar types of accolades and if they had, where were their stories. I am a wife, a mother and a woman with many years of experience in the business world achieving my own level of success along the way. As a mother of a daughter especially, I felt compelled to fill that void that I felt when seeking female role models and mentorship throughout my career.

So many women have quietly achieved meaningful and impactful careers in so many different fields. I felt their stories needed to be shared. Shared with the intention of inspiring & encouraging other women to follow their own passion. I wanted to create a network of women who  were willing to offer tips and helpful advice for others as well as offer a platform where women could ask questions, be vulnerable, encouraged and feel supported along their path towards their next goal.

So after a long career in a male dominated industry, where I found it difficult to find female mentors, so I decided to create a digital platform where all types of women can learn from those with valuable experiences and advice. Chime In Project is my version of a helpful solution, a resource for those seeking to expand their careers & goals. I want to connect experience with women seeking new sources of inspiration and courage. I want to share the stories of the extraordinary women I’ve met and interviewed, to give a platform to their struggles and their paths towards empowerment.

Everyone has a story. Everyone has a purpose. Everyone has a passion. The issue is not what they sought to achieve, but how they went about overcoming obstacles and obtained their goals.

Oftentimes only the stories of the fantastic and the celebrity are shared. While these stories are indeed inspiring, many find it difficult to fully relate. So I’m on a mission to pluck the extraordinary from the ordinary, and to shine a light on all types of women. These stories are raw, untouched, often times not glamorous but they are real, relatable and hopefully they will inspire you to Chime In to the conversation, get inspired, step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to reach for your next goal.

I want to invite you to join me, to celebrate real life stories of overcoming limitations and achieving goals. My hope is that by sharing these stories, you’ll be encouraged to Chime In, join us in the conversation, get inspired, step out of your comfort zone and push yourself to reach for your true purpose.”

Chime In Project is the pursuit of women helping women, through examples of struggle and triumph on the path to personal success.

Join me. “Chime In.”

Host: Chime In Conversations

Heather Stone is an entrepreneur & a pioneer in the payments space and a dedicated goal crusher and champion for women excelling in the workplace and beyond. With over 28 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the asset management, tech and finance space, she is no stranger to shattering goals and forging her own path. With a background in industrial construction, asset management and finance, investments, technology & FinTech (finance and tech), she has consistently built successful sales organizations, implemented best in class customer service policies, strategized with Fortune 1,000 companies & helped to create some of the leading technology of today in the FinTech space, all while shattering expectations year over year and cultivating some of the most iconic brands as long standing clients around the globe. Her efforts were instrumental in the ultimate culmination of the sale of the family business (CSI) for high nine digits in 2019.

Heather is always seeking to mentor and encourage young women in any field to dare to dream big & to walk through the fear and keep pushing forward. Heather is a dedicated goal-setter and goal-getter and she is building a community of women that seek to do the same.

Heather Stone

Founder and CEO: Chime In Project, LLC.
President: Family Foundation
Global Executive Vice President: CSI Enterprises, Inc., Corporate Spending Innovations, Inc.

Global road warrior, wife, mother, marathoner, mountain climber, philanthropist, mentor, investor, entrepreneur, strategist, C suite negotiator & Closer.