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Chime In Project is doing our part to fill the need for female mentorship in professional and personal areas of women’s lives. It is designed to encourage, inspire and motivate. Do you think your mentor is amazing and gives great advice? Has she helped you to overcome obstacles, reach goals and embrace life? We are inviting nominations from members!

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Carolyn Spector

Mentor of the month
Carolyn Spector

Carolyn Spector is being recognized as this month’s Chime In Project Mentor of the Month for her leadership and important contributions on behalf of domestic violence and sexual assault victims. Through her years of advocacy for victims, Carolyn created groundbreaking programs to help support those in need. She is also being recognized for her years of tireless work with the My Face & Mission Restore organizations helping adults & children by giving them access to the medical care and reconstructive surgery they desperately need in order to lead a full and productive life. Her leadership with these organizations has been instrumental in changing thousands of young lives. We are now excited to see the work she is currently involved in with The Juhi Center in NYC. We solute you Carolyn and thank you for mentoring so many along the way.

You can learn more about Carolyn’s road to success is fascinating as you will see in her interview on our blog.