Mentor of the Month

Genevieve Piturro Pijama Program

Mentor of the month

Genevieve Piturro
Founder – Pajama Program

Genevieve Piturro is being recognized as the Chime in Project Mentor of the Month for her incredible contributions to children in need. Inspired by her experience reading to children waiting for foster care placement in New York City, she realized many of the children did not have pajamas. She began collecting them from her family and friends and delivered them to the children herself. Her initiative grew into a nationwide effort to provide comforting bedtimes to all children, everywhere. Since then, Pajama Program has provided over 6.5 million cozy pajamas and inspiring storybooks to children nationwide who are experiencing challenges beyond their control and share critical resources with parents and caregivers to support children at bedtime.

Currently, Genevieve is on mission to inspire men and women across the globe to listen to their heart and pursue their passions. She is dedicated to helping others change direction in their lives and “find their pajamas.”

Thank you Genevieve for your compassion for those in need and for your pursuit to mentor others to live their best lives!

You can learn more about Genevieve’s pathway to success in her fascinating interview on our blog!

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