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Join the Wall of Goal-Setters and Goal-Getters. Once you have your next personal or professional goal in mind, declare it to your Chime In Community and submit your pic along with a sentence stating your goal and a desired goal date. Once you have reached that goal, simply click on your pic and you will be turned into Gold Goal-Getter status and be recognized as an achiever.

A Goal-Getter is someone who is ambitious, determined to be successful and able to deal with new or difficult situations. Everyone has an inner warrior, everyone can be a Goal-Getter.

Tricia Goal Getter Mount Everest
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Tricia 😊

Goal: Climb to Mt. Everest Base Camp

Over a year ago, I set my sights on climbing to Mount Everest Base camp with a new group of women for the Chime In Challenge 2019. None of us had any idea what we would encounter up there in the Himalayas but we were all bonded by the commitment to see what we were made of and step out of our comfort zones. Let me tell you, that not only have I made new and lifelong friends from this amazing group, I was able to share in the struggles & the celebration at the top of the summit. There were tears, cheers and even dancing when we made it. I wish everyone could feel what overcoming your fears really feels like after one of these adventures.Β  What a humbling experience for me as well as one I will never forget.

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Goal: to submit my first book to 20 publishers October 2019

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