3 Tips to Completing the Last Deadline of the Year

It’s the 4th quarter and the pressure to finish the year strong is definitely lurking. If you are like me, you are working hard to give that one final push; that one final 30-day sprint before 2019 is officially over. It can be overwhelming and irritatingly uncomfortable to keep all of the plates spinning. So, I created a solid go-to when the walls start closing in.

First, step out of the pressure cooker and take a walk around the block. Remember that life happens. Even though you may have every day planned out from now until that ball drops on Dec. 31st, just know that you’re going to get a curveball.  That’s just life.  This time, instead of retreating in a state of panic, remember that the sun will still rise in the morning and there is always another day to get things done.  Most deadlines have some flexibility so why shouldn’t you?

Second, focus on what really matters on your goal list for the year and identify the absolute MUST BE COMPLETED item. Write down the 3 things that need to be accomplished in order to check this off your list.  Now, if you don’t have the capability to complete those 3 steps alone, enlist a co-worker or a friend to give you a hand.  Yes, I said

ASK for help.  Somewhere along the way, women decided that asking for help shows weakness. Well, no it doesn’t. It shows that you are human. Instead of worrying about looking inadequate, how about you focus on your ability to organize some teamwork to tackle a project. Women are great at teamwork, in fact it’s one of our better qualities. So, use it!

Lastly, make sure to appreciate and celebrate those that pitched in to help in your time of need.  Express your gratitude with a simple gesture of acknowledgment and offer to do something in kind for them the next time they find themselves in a crunch.  Most people are happy to help and even better, most people like to be needed.

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