Tips for Setting New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

It seems to happen every year…You start with a long list of resolutions and the best of intentions. But, before January is out, you find yourself hungover, looking at a crisper of decaying vegetables, with a vague sense of guilt because you haven’t been to  the gym in a week. Make next year different by sticking to your resolutions. The key is to start before the old year ends by setting the right resolutions.

Don’t Overcommit

The first step is cutting your big list of resolutions down to size. A list of 10 or 20 is going to get away from you. Three to five, on the other hand, can be doable. Choose the items that mean the most to you, and commit specifically to those in 2020.

Be Realistic

Setting a goal of publishing a novel when you haven’t written a single word may be too much. It takes time to write a draft, time to make contacts with literary agents, and more. Instead, choose simple and attainable goals that are completely within your control. This way, you know what to do to stick with your resolution and your resolutions aren’t down to the whims of someone else.

Cut Big Goals into Manageable Portions

A big nebulous resolution like “run a marathon” is so large that you may not be able to figure out where to even begin. This, in turn, can lead to a resolution that is abandoned before you ever start. Instead, look at each resolution as a big plan, then cut it down into simple, achievable steps.

Plan a Time-frame

In addition to cutting a big resolution into smaller steps, you should set a time frame for each of those steps to be accomplished. A time-bound goal is far more likely to be accomplished. Without dates for milestones, you are more likely to keep putting actions off. The new year remains a great time to examine your life, reflect, and set a list of resolutions to make the next year even better. By choosing your goals well and making them actionable, you can achieve your resolutions and continue your growth in each part of your life in the coming year.

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