Fresh Fashion Tips for the Woman with her Eye on the Corner Office

Style and taste in fashion is subjective. However, there are certain looks that are more appropriate depending upon the setting or purpose of the meeting. This is especially true for the executive female in a corporate setting.

Dressing for success starts with an awareness of the culture and favored attire for your organization. Being out of sync can make you look like you don’t really belong there and impede your prospects for advancement.

Here are some fresh fashion ideas for the executive female with her eye on the corner office:

1. Build Around Classic Looks

At the core of your wardrobe should be perfectly tailored and fitted suits and dresses. While having a few trendy cuts and outfits is fine, classic designs are always in style and convey a professional look in an office or corporate setting.

2. Overdressed vs. Underdressed

If your job requires you to attend different meetings and functions, you might be able to change up your style somewhat. Meeting with the creative department or going out into the field might call for more casual attire. However, when in doubt, go with a dressier ensemble. Strive to assemble a selection of outfits that you feel comfortable wearing; for best results and performance at work, you should look AND feel great in the clothes you’re wearing.

3. Favor Solid Colors and Understated Accessories

Generally, solid colors in dark or neutral shades look more professional. You can add a few accessories to personalize each look, but be selective. If you love floral prints or geometric patterns, wear a scarf or belt with these looks to add visual interest to your outfits.

4. Strive For a Polished Look

While the wardrobe pieces you select form the basis of the image you project, the details and finishing touches complete the look. Consider your hair and makeup and create a look that is understated and professional. Check your outfits often for rips, frays, missing buttons or stray threads and address these issues right away.

5. Less Is More

Lean toward being understated and “minimalist” versus putting together outfits that have too many visual elements. Again, being selective with accessories and details helps to ensure a professional appearance.

6. Be Aspirational

While you should select outfits and accessories that reflect your personality and who you are at heart, you should also dress with your ideal job in mind. Even if it’s a few promotions away, “dressing the part” can help set the stage for future success. Take some cues from women who are in the role you envision yourself in one day. Personalize the style and make it your own.

How you dress conveys who you are and can work for or against you in the office. Strive to express your personal style while staying in sync with the culture and favored attire for your organization. Use these fashion tips for the executive female to help you blend classic looks with the perfect fresh finishing touches.

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