How to Ask Your Boss For A Raise

Asking your boss for a raise can feel like a game of war. You want one thing, while your boss is opposed to giving it to you. However, this line of thinking might be wrong. Your boss may or may not be against giving you a raise. But it’s still your job to make sure that the boss has good reason to give you a raise and knows you want one. Here is how to ask your boss for a raise.

Ask For a Performance Review, Not a Raise

It’s easier to ask for a raise when you don’t start out demanding a raise. Instead, ask your boss for a performance review. This will accomplish two things; one, it will necessitate a private, one-on-one meeting with your boss, and two, it will force your boss to recognize your achievements. Be ready for the performance review with a written list of everything you’ve done for the company since your last raise or since your hire date.

Bring Up the Raise at the End of the Review

After a successful performance review, the next logical step is for your boss to offer you a raise; without you even asking for one. However, if your boss doesn’t broach the subject, it’s now perfectly reasonable for you to ask for a raise based on your past performance. Thank your boss for the review and just say, “Based on this review, I assume I can expect a raise of some sort?”

Negotiating For the Raise

In answer to your question, your boss may say, “Absolutely,” or the boss may say, “Well, we aren’t giving out raises right now.” If the boss says yes, then it’s time to negotiate how much of a raise you’re getting. If the boss says a raise is out of the question, you need to convince him or her otherwise. Sometimes bosses will claim there’s no money in the budget for a raise. But for valuable employees, there’s always some wiggle room for a raise. Ask if there’s something you can do to change the outcome for the next time a raise is due. If you can get your boss to agree on some standards, then you can ensure you meet those standards the next time you have this conversation.

If all goes well, you might just find yourself getting, not only a raise but a promotion. Throughout this process, remember that you deserve periodic raises for outstanding work. Don’t be afraid to ask for a raise when it’s the right time.

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