The Art of Exhale

Exhale and let go…

In times of uncertainty, have you noticed that you tend to take on the stress not only of your own situation but of others that surround you?  Maybe you tend to hold your breath without even realizing, as if to say, “if I don’t breathe, nothing bad can happen.” It can be difficult to separate yourself from the barrage of breaking news alerts pinging your phone all day long, but it is very important that you do just that.

I am here to remind you to exhale and let it go.  Holding on to those nervous and fearful thoughts will not serve you during trying and uncertain times.  Just exhale and let go.

As you listen to this morning’s meditation music, I encourage you to list all of the things you are grateful for today.  With every intake of breath, think of one thing that you are grateful for right now.  As you exhale, release the stress, the worry and the thoughts of what may or may not come tomorrow.  Focus on filling your mind with the good that is all around you.  You will feel relaxed, calm and ready to face the day to help yourself and those depending on you.

You’ve got this. Namaste

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