Top 20 Companies Women Love

American Water: this company helps empower women with career development opportunities, mentorship programs, and access to competitive benefit packages.

AppNexus: women working at this company will find that they’re working for a company that is strong advocates of women in tech. They feel supported and receive amazing benefits.

Bloomberg: those who are excited about how empowered New York makes them feel, this office is an excellent fit. Communication strategists, data analysts, software engineers can find a home here.

Boston Consulting Group: each time women enter this working environment, they find themselves surrounded by a culture of energetic, passionate, and supportive colleagues.

CEB: paid time off, the work they perform, and co-worker likability is the prime reasons why women are passionate about working for this company.

DRW: women love this company’s diversity-driven culture consisting of respect, integrity, strengths, interests, and personalities. Paid paternal leave is available.

Ericsson: women are passionate about working here due to the company’s diversity, flexibility, and mobility. They can work remotely without judgment.

EY: maternity and adoptive leave, as well as family growth support rank high on the list of reasons why women are passionate about working for EY.

Fidelity Investments: several women hold leadership roles at this company. Its culture is also supportive of providing substantial pay and performance cultures.

Fisher Investments: this company’s dedication and mission-based approach to their employees are the primary reasons why women love working here. Their incredible benefits packages are also an added perk.

FTI Consulting: here, women have an opportunity to work in a parent-friendly culture where they can collaborate and have opportunities to work on passion projects.

Google: the wellness initiatives, maternity, and adoptive leave, and family growth support this company offers make it one that women love.

Hilton: women thrive when working for this company. It’s where they can fill a variety of roles, including architects and accountants. Women state this is one of the most accommodating companies.

Johnson & Johnson: women are taken seriously by this company regarding leadership and development. They’ll find a wide variety of management opportunities.

Nationwide: women who are working for this company say that they feel their career progression is valued. The company cares about its employees and works diligently toward promoting a work-life balance.

Seagate Technologies: the support this company offers women is just as strong as the passion they bring to their company’s mission. Working parents receive support, incredible benefits, and dedication to work-life balance.

Trimble: when women want to make a positive difference in the world and help empower others, they can find a home at Trimble. This company cares about their employee’s lives outside of the workplace as well.

Unilever: the emphasis is placed on developing a woman’s career at this company. They support a flexible work culture with a variety of mentorship opportunities. The company’s benefits are also unsurpassed.

Ultimate Software: with nearly 49% of its talent base being women, there’s no doubt to this tech company taking a new approach to hiring. This company is passionate about its brand, as well as their employees.

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