Top 5 Questions To Ask In An Interview

Sitting for an interview can be stressful, even for those who have been working their way up the corporate ladder and are used to the interview process. One of the most difficult parts of trying for a new job can be when the interviewer asks if you have questions for them. Generally, asking smart questions makes a good impression. Here are five you should consider.

1. What is the typical (or expected) career path for someone taking this position?

You want to know where you’re (potentially) headed if you take this job, and where the company will expect you to go.

2. Can you tell me more about the culture of the company?

Company culture is extremely important, especially if it’s not a culture you’ll have success at fitting into very easily.

3. What are the biggest qualities someone in this position will need in order to be successful?

By finding out what you need for success, you can work toward meeting the company’s expectations right away.

4. Can you give me more information about the day-to-day activities for this position?

Some job titles can be misleading, and you’ll want to make sure you understand what the job really involves before you take it.

5. What next steps are expected in the interview process?

This shows that you’re confident in your interview, and you’re eager to continue moving forward with the company.

There are always other questions you can ask, depending on the specifics of the company and the job itself. If a question comes up during the interview, don’t be afraid to ask it. But remember it’s usually best not to ask about benefits or salary right away. Those are things the interviewer should bring up, and may not mention until a second or even third round of interviews takes place.

By asking questions, though, you show that you’re interested in the job and the company, and that you’re thinking critically about the job you’re interviewing for. Companies that see a candidate who has done research on them realize that candidate is serious and professional about their desire for employment. It could be what brings you success and gets you hired over your competition.

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