Think you are not enough? You’re not alone!

Over the last month, I had the privilege of  speaking with many brilliant and creative women who have pursued all sorts of careers from Pro Golfers to Cyber Security Techs for the NSA to Court Judges and they have taught me so much.

The one statement that rings true with every woman seems to center around confidence. Confidence in themselves is what I am referring to.  In spite of impressive careers and multiple degrees and letters after their names professionally, they all seem to still question themselves. This saddened and puzzled me. How could this be the case in today’s world?  Why does this still seem to be a common thread with women?

I am on the hunt to figure it out and find a solution. In the meantime, I would like to say loudly and clearly to any woman that thinks she is still not enough….. You ARE enough. Celebrate who you are, & where you are in your life right now and smile with a quiet contentment knowing that you are enough just being you.

”Stay tuned for more on this subject and for more exciting interviews with our mentors!”

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